What Exactly Is Wireless Bridge?

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Wireless Bridge is basically a tool that makes the communication possible between two or more network users, situated at much distance, without the use of any wires. Usually these networks are situated on either neighboring buildings.  However, at times these networks can be situated in the same buildings itself. Given the proper line of sight and antenna these bridges can connect networks that are located even 30 miles apart from each other. These bridges, through the Ethernet port, can hook up to the wired network and duplicate that data to a far-off access point or network bridge through 802.11a/b/g wireless (Wi-Fi) protocol.

Point to Point Bridge

Wireless bridge devices generally work in pairs, one on each side of the "bridge". This is also referred to as Point to Point bridging. A point to point (PTP) bridging connects two networks that are located at two different sites, usually a warehouse or remote building, through one wireless bridge in each site. A ptp bridging is quite simple to configure. In order to create a Point to Point Wireless bridging you need take into consideration the following factors:

Proper Line of Sight amid the two sites: to accomplish this you will be required to construct a tower or pole on your roof top.

Distance:  The type of antenna that you will need - whether integrated antenna will suffice or an external antenna will be determined by the distance between the two locations.

Frequency: the frequency of the bridging will determine whether you will require an unlicensed (2.4, 5-5.8 GHz) band or a licensed band.

Wireless protocol: The types of Wireless protocol you will require also need a due consideration. Point to Point wireless bridge base on 802.11 standards will allow interoperability with the manufacturers of the other bridge. Whereas, protocol proprietary allow interoperability to a specific vendor.

The other aspects that need to be considered are different peripherals, type of wireless antenna, installation aspect, cost factor and so on.

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What Exactly Is Wireless Bridge?

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What Exactly Is Wireless Bridge?

This article was published on 2011/11/17