How to Win Back My Ex Girlfriend With an Apology

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So I'm guessing lately you've been madly questioning to yourself "how to win back my ex girlfriend?"

You may have realized how much you actually love her, and now you're in pain and desperate to find an answer for your tough question "how to win back my ex girlfriend?".

Well you're in luck! Below is some important information that will help a lot while you try to get her back into your life.

Don't beat yourself up! We all make mistakes when it comes to relationships. The thing you have to realize right now is that you can't try and re-write the past, instead you really need to rise above all that went wrong with your relationship and figure out how to write the future, the way you want it!

There's a chance you need to apologize for something (maybe many things) that made the relationship turn sour. But first you need to really think about why you're apologizing and get to the point where you really understand why! You don't want to apologize for the reason that you think it's what she wants to hear. You need to swallow your pride and look at your behaviour during the relationship, and i mean REALLY look... You have to get to the point where you can see it from her point of view and understand the way you have made her feel.

You need to come up with an apology that addresses 2 points if you really want to stop asking "How To Win Back My Ex Girlfriend?".

Point #1: That you have put yourself in her shoes and understand why she is feeling the way she is.

Point #2: That you are 100% ready to change your previous behaviour for the better.

If you have cheated on her then you need to do a lot of thinking to figure out the core reason why you did cheat on her. Again, you can't re-write the past, but if you figure out how you got yourself in that situation, then next time it will be a lot easier to avoid. You will have a lot more self control. It's good to try and explain your thought process and why you acted the way you did.

WARNING: You MUST be sincere! If you're not, your ex will know and you will be wasting your time and hurting your chances of getting back with her.

When you're ready to apologize to her as you attempt to answer your question "How To Win Back My Ex Girlfriend?", you must be sure to let her speak, and listen to her with sincerity. You must understand what she is saying and how she feels. Don't argue with her, just listen and give her your apology.

If you follow the steps above you will be well on your way to repairing the damage done.

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How to Win Back My Ex Girlfriend With an Apology

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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