Getting to Know Point to Point T1 Lines

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A point to point t1 is a private or leased line, which is cost effective, reliable and flexible. This technology can connect several locations to a central network. Point to point t1 provides up to 1.54 Mbps in speed and allows for a scalable bandwidth by bonding multiple T1 lines.  This kind of line is ideal for businesses having over eight analog lines. A point to point network can allow your business to reduce costs significantly while getting access to high quality digital solutions. This solution allows the integration of data, voice and video.

If you are choosing a major carrier for T1, it is likely that the circuits pass through their backbone in a similar fashion as with the other traffic they also pass through, thus traversing over redundant switches and data centers. If you choose a regional or local carrier, you are likely to stay on their system and on their local loop. In spite of this, you are also subject to the local loop reliability. These point to point T1 lines do not provide Internet access or phone lines for T1, but rather act as transport for either way or both. A point-to-point T1 is usually referred to as "P2P", which provides very reliable and secure connection, typically from a corporate office toward satellite offices. Although P2P does not actually offer Internet access or telephone lines, companies use P2P T1 lines to share in these services. This is an excellent way to make great savings, because a branch office or satellite may pay huge prices for a telephone and bandwidth service to be directly installed, but the home office may get better rates due to bulk buying and location. Point to point T1 network is may not be very cost efficient compared to other similar options that are rather advance. Frame Relay and Virtual Private Network are other options for this type of service and customers consider them when they are not satisfied with P2P. This is the reason it is important to identify your business needs in particular because the service suitable for you depends on your company's needs as well as business applications. However, the chief advantage of a point to point T1 line is that it is very private, making it the best choice for those demanding a circuit with a dedicated connection exclusive to their business, thus offering the highest form of security available.

Regardless of the increasing competition of latest technologies, the price reduction on point to point T1 lines and the fact that these circuits are reliable have allowed the number of T1 Lines used in the US to continue to grow to 15% a year since the recent years. Because there are so many uses of T1 lines, including new technologies like Voice over Internet Protocol, these circuits are made to remain as the main ingredient to the success of businesses that rely on the Internet, Data Connectivity and Telecommunications, henceforth.

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Getting to Know Point to Point T1 Lines

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This article was published on 2010/09/16