Close the Deal with Flying Colors: Developing Your Negotiation Skills

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In this article, I will discuss with you how to close off each point that you raised during your negotiations
and how to close off the entire deal.

In order to close the negotiation, it is often required that you present more than just one point that will
help you achieve your desired purpose of the negotiation. Here are some important points:

1. Discuss one point of the negotiation one at a time. A smorgasbord of points will not take you
anywhere because this would often confuse the other party. Try to discuss each point one at a
time and never move on to the next point without finalizing the first. Discussing everything in
one sitting invites unnecessary distractions.

2. Subtly remind them of what has been agreed. This is another relevant step because once you
have confirmed that they do understand what you have discussed it’s as good as a closed deal.
This can also avoid any objections that may arise.

It’s a very quick move to ensure that you have laid out everything on the table and everyone is in
agreement of what you have discussed previously. If the other party says no, then perhaps they are
just confused of what you are saying or too overwhelmed that they cannot make any rational decision.
Remember, a soup of points creates confusion and the one listening to you can get really overwhelmed.
Being on the defensive position is a natural thing because the other party would also have to protect
their interest.

The best practice is to take note of every point that you listed down as well as the objections, questions
or anything that you have talked out. This would ensure that nobody will forget any slightest detail
about your meeting and they can have a copy of what you discussed as a reminder of your agreement.
Of course, when everything is written down, it’s sort of formalizing the entire negotiation subtly.

When everything is written down, there are lesser chances for confusion and any attempt to alter
anything that you have previously agreed upon can be hampered. The other party cannot reason out
that they understood differently from what you are trying to point out.

Before you end the negotiation meeting, make sure that you’ve already set the schedule for next
meeting to prevent the other party from backing out and getting on with their life. Calling up for an
appointment is always dependent on the schedule and setting it up early is perhaps the best way to do
ensure that will meet again to sign the contract.

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Close the Deal with Flying Colors: Developing Your Negotiation Skills

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Close the Deal with Flying Colors: Developing Your Negotiation Skills

This article was published on 2011/10/25