3 Point Breaks You Must Surf

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Bells Beach - Torquay

Bells Beach is located on the Great Ocean Road just outside of Torquay in Victoria. The main break in Bells Beach is known as the Bells Bowl and is a long right hand point break that works through all tides depending on the swell. A wind direction of West to North-West is perfect for this point.

Bells Beach was featured in the film Point Break and is home to one of the worlds longest running surfing competitions, the Rip Curl Pro, formally known as the Bells Beach Surf Classic. The Bells Beach point break is surf-able from 2 to 15 feet and begins just outside the reef known as Rincon, and continues to the 'Bells Bowl'. Even the most proficient surfer can have difficultly here.

Lennox Point - Lennox Head

Lennox Head is a seaside village on the North Coast of NSW, between Byron Bay and Ballina and is home to Lennox Point. The point works best with a south westerly blowing and a swell ripping around the point from the south-south east. The long, peeling right hand break seems to go on forever and waves sometimes exceed 4 metres when conditions are at their best.

Within a few hours drive of the Gold Coast and home of some of the best surfer in the world such as Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson and Mark Occhilupo it is a good idea to take a camera if the point is on as you can expect to see this caliber of surfer at Lennox Point.

Angourie Point - Yamba

Angourie Point is a world famous point break that is located in Angourie, a suburb of Yamba. Angourie has been on the map for a long time as one of the worlds best point breaks, in 1962 it had its debut in Surfing World Monthly Magazine and in 1989 Surfing Magazine listed in their top 25 waves in the world.

At is best from February to May with an East swell and light Southerly winds. With a tricky takeoff from above the rock ledge you will find the wave continuously bending towards you as you look down the line, this is due to the wave being wrapped around the rocky point and forms what has been labeled as a high performance heaven by Surfing Magazine.

On a solid day, Angourie Point is intermediating and has claimed lives in big swells. As you walk along the rocks you can feel the power from the waves hitting the rocks beneath you as they shake like tiny tremors with each impact.
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3 Point Breaks You Must Surf

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This article was published on 2011/01/03